No picture thumbnails on summary view with Plone 6

Here's a screenshot of summary view in Plone 6

These articles have lead images but their thumbnails aren't showing.

Here's the same page in Plone 6 Classic

Notice that the thumbnails show in Plone 6 Classic

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There's a "workaround" for this. If you create a page and add a listing block.

Step 1 - In the page add a listing block

Step 2 - set your criteria and use summary variation
(in this case I filter for news and use the summary variation of the block.


Is this the "new way" or is the lack of thumbnails on the standard summary view a bug in Plone 6?

We are working on a new way of handling those preview images in Plone 6. The idea is to have a generic and flexible "preview_image_field" indexer/field that all content types provide and that can have an image (for an image it will be the image itself, for a page it will be a preview_image field, etc.). We are currently finishing this together with a teaser block that makes heavy use of this field and allows editors to create sophisticated landing pages (e.g. together with one of the grids solutions).

Thanks @tisto .. I like the direction. I especially appreciate what the listing and search blocks can do out of the box. If the preview_image/preview_image_field also serves as the og image that would very useful.

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The Album View is also broken. See A Gallery Folder

The issue is that the items iterated over in the SummaryView as { => (...) do not contain any information on the images:

They also do not contain any date-information, therefore this chapter in the Mastering Plone Training failed on Saturday where we customize that view to display the effective-date:

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