No more clock-server?

I upgraded a Plone site from 5.1.6 → 5.2.1 recently that includes this:

zope-conf-additional  =
        method /cia-gov/@@topSecretUpdate
        period 900
        host localhost
        user ${:username}
        password ${:password}

In fact, this site's been doing something like this since Plone 3! Anyway, the 5.2 docs still say this is the right way to do things.

But grepping the omelette shows theat clock-server went the way of ZServer and now that we're being served by a waitress I guess no more clocks. Am I stuck starting a crob job?

I usually use

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Yeah, that recipe's handy in a pinch.

The clock-server was convenient inside Docker because it was self-contained and didn't rely on another container or tricky access to the host's cron.

In any case, the 5.2 docs need an issue report :open_mouth:

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The obsolete instructions to use clock-server are still in the current documentation. Clock and asyncronous tasks — Plone Documentation v5.2

Please file an issue at GitHub - plone/documentation: Plone Documentation or much better fix it and open a pull request! Our docs are in need of more help of people actually using it :slight_smile:

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