No item is listed for the 'default view' in folder after migration to 5.2.4 ( py2 )

After migation from 5.1 to 5.2, i have lost the ability to select a 'default view' for folders view ; the menu (select an item as default view ) is there, but the page states that there is no item that can be used as a default view for the folder ( I can create a new page in that folder, and get the same messages )

Maybe check in Site Setup > Content Settings and see if it has been disabled for some reason

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I had not seen the following lines printed during the migration process :

"Not creating required tool portal_css, because class is not found.
Not creating required tool portal_javascripts, because class is not found.

How can i (re)create the missing tools ?

Plone 5.2 moved away from so called resource registries. Those are now managed by portal_registry.

You can (re)create the resource registries when you install Products.ResourceRegistries. But, I doubt that you should do that. Learn about the new registry (--> Plone documentation) and switch to that.

thanks for your answer, i though that maybe some incorrect js was leading to the initial problem ( cannot use any 'default view' for the fodlers )

You were right @espenmn : i did not find out straight away where I was meant to modify the setting , thank you :pray:

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