No Alpine City Sprint 2024

I am sorry to announce, we are not able to organize an Alpine CIty Sprint this winter.
Earlier this year my time was blocked with family struggles and now it is to late to get a location for the sprint.

But Johannes @thet going to organize the Buschenschank Sprint in southern Austria (Styria) in early summer.
If you are interested in a sprint in the middle of a wine yard, a fridge with finest white wines and good food, please join us there.

But enough spoilers, Johannes will announce the sprint and details once all is set.


Sorry to hear! Would be awesome if we could pick it up again next year.

Sad to hear. I already expected this, given no announcement was made yet. Thanks for letting us know, that helps!

It would still be good to have one or two days online sprint in February, probably targeting Plone 6.1, plone.distribution, and Classic UI in general. But that is up for anyone to organise.