Next docs released, delayed in favor of Plone 5.0.3


just a short notice:

We decided to slightly delay the next release/build of, we know that is not super ideal, but taking the amount of time and work, which it still takes to push a proper release of the docs we would like to include more stuff.

Plone 5.0.3 is around the corner, we have already a soft-release, thanks for all people who worked on that !

With that we will able to merge which will be a huge improvement to our documentation.

Further, we will be hopefully able to fix some minor issues with our theme [sphinx theme for the docs] so that we will have a more user-friendly solution, for people who want to help to improve the docs, meaning you do not need a GitHub account anymore, for reporting an issue or have a request.

A short and quick video, will tell more than words:

Woah..... is Freshdesk the only helpdesk doing this kind of stuff?

@pigeonflight no, lots of them can do that, but Freshdesk has a 'free' account :slightly_smiling: