News with the same lead image


in a Plone site with Classic UI, we publish news. Often the news have the same images, so editor upload it again and again. I know this topic has been debated several time. On one hand, we have a content with its own image so it is consistent over time, on the other we upload the same image again.

From the editor point of view, it is handy to have a small library of images to pickup from news. Could be a feature like a small gallery from existing news, then the image is copied inside the news like an upload as lead image? Is the actual catalog with image scales enough for this?

As who supervises editors, it often happen that the lazy editor don't have an image handy, so it happen that the editor saves the image from the preview of a previous news, creating a new image with smaller resolution and lower quality in the next news. Repeat this over time and you clearly see what happen.

I don't see a clear solution/model, any idea?

An event subscriber to fill the leadimage field with a default Image?

A group of news share the same image but there's no criteria behind the choice. So it is not possible to make it automatic.

Custom news type with a reference field to images rather than an image upload field.
A folder + images can serve as an image repository.

Implement a custom behavior, a choice of images A,B,C and let decide the editor what is the best.

I once implemented this on Plone 5.2 as a behavior where the editor can select the lead/teaser image using a relationvalue field. It might or might not work on Plone 6...

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