News Item Not Appearing on Plone News Page

I'm new to Plone and currently studying the Features of Plone section in the documentation, specifically focusing on the site structure as described here.

I've encountered an issue where, after creating a news item for the news page, it doesn't appear on the news page itself. However, upon inspecting the folder structure of the news page, I can see that the news item is visible there.

I uploaded the video of the issues. Please help me to resolve this particular issue

You need to add a listing block on the news page to display the items that are contained below.

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Great! it's resolved now. Nice to see you here, I've recently begun exploring your YouTube tutorials on Plone, and they've been quite insightful.

@pbauer ,I believe it's necessary to submit a pull request to update the documentation, as the specific information is currently absent. What are your thoughts?

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Created a pull request for this issue.