New release of pas.plugins.authomatic

We just released version 1.0b2 of pas.plugins.authomatic, the addon to support Social Login with Plone.

In this version, we implemented support to Volto (via the addon volto-authomatic) and dropped support to Python 2 (and Plone versions < 5.1)

volto-authomatic screenshot

Complete changelog

  • Fix tox setup, move CI from TravisCI to Github Actions. [jensens]
  • Code Style Black, Isort, zpretty and Pyupgrade applied. [jensens]
  • Add missing no-op methods for IUserManagement to plugin. This fixes the tests. [jensens]
  • Drop Python 2 support and so require Plone 5.2. [jensens]
  • Include permissions from CMFCore to avoid ComponentLookupError. [bsuttor]
  • Fixed ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘App.class_init’ on Zope 5. [bsuttor]
  • Add french translation [mpeeters]
  • PAS event notification IPrincipalCreatedEvent. [jensens]
  • Python 3 and Plone 52 compatibility. [cekk]
  • Fix #44: Fulfil strictly exact_match when enumerating users [allusa]
  • Allow users deletion. [cekk]
  • Drop Plone < 5.1.x compatibility. [cekk]
  • Fix #54: Notification of PrincipalCreated event. [ericof]
  • Closes #55: Support plone.restapi. [ericof]

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