New Mosaic Experience (Mockup)

To be fair, WIX etc have a much easier job to do. They only have to work with their own themes that they make and test themselves. The customisability required for a full CMS like Plone is a lot more.

One thing I tell all my developers is that if you can't explain it and document your reasons then you are introducing unacceptable risks to your solution. You might be making assumptions that are incorrect or solving a problem that everyone but the actual users thinks is a problem. If you really have the reasons why you are doing something sorted out in your head it doesn't take long to write it down. On the other hand the opportunity cost of putting other solutions on hold while we wait to see with X pans out is huge. Look at our history. Iframes and toolbar and Rok....

Great. Lets work out how to fix whats left and get it so anyone creating a new site to use it by default. We use it, but only for landing pages.

We have tinymce working nicely inside our IDE angular 2 for plomino.
If we switch away from tinymce, what would we lose? What would be gain? I know medium do some very specific things to make their editor work nicely, but this has the downside of being very restricted on the kinds of content that can be inserted.

This is very true. Hector is right that Plone has been technology focused but thats partly because:

a) its easier to agree on. UX changes are hard because no one likes change. Think how many were critical of the initial iphone UX. Upgrade to python 3 is a no brainer.

b) juicy tech problems are interesting to developers. Writing your own framework is interesting. Writing a clear perfect api is intersting. Getting critised for moving a toolbar where 10% of the community doesn't like it isn't fun.

c) Making things easier for end users to edit is a long term payoff. Running a Plone site on python 2 when it gets end of lived is easy quantify for existing clients for plone companies. But any existing client is already used to Plone UX. The idea that Plone could get more popular due to an improved UX just seems too far fetched and hard to justify.

So the challenge is, how to get the hard things done that benefits us all in the long terms but developers are less interested in?
IMO Plone could lead or catch up in block based editing. It could lead in ease of customising via web based templating and python editing. It will always be behind by having RAM heavy non lamp stack, but the rise of docker could make that less of a problem. It also has to play catchup in terms of plugins for personalisation, analytics, ecommerce...