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Hi, I am Satyam from JIIT, Noida. I am looking forward to contribute to Plone and work with the same for GSoC 2019. Can someone help me get started?

@CyberDrudge You can start contributing with the Volto project and here is the link :- If you haven't already, please see for more hints (from 2018) on how to get started.

@CyberDrudge it seems that the GSOC link is actually: ( did not work for me )

Hello everyone I am Akshit new to plone , I have past experience working with other open source orgs now I want to contribute to plone

maintainers please review and merge this pr plone/bobtemplates.plone#348

Hi Vinay,

Is this one of the project Plone plan to use in GSOC 2019? Any Idea? Beacuse I just took a tour to this project and I'm looking forward to start contributing in it. Do reply :slight_smile:

@vinay72 I am new to plone and knows python and django please suggest me anyproject on plone that i can contribute to that works on python

@ashversache Hello Sagar Bajpai, you can start contributing in this project. I have no Idea that this project Plone plan to use in GSOC 2019.

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@AkshJain99 I have no idea regarding which Project to choose in Python to contribute but I'll let you know in the meantime if I get some information regarding this.

okay. thanks vinay