New buildout extension: which license and which organisation

I want to make (or want others to make) a buildout extension that can read constraints.txt and use this instead of the [versions] section. Some details are in this issue.

I would like advice on two non-technical parts:

  1. Which license should I use?
  2. Which GitHub organisation should this live in?

Keep in mind that if this extension works well, it might be good to incorporate it into the core of zc.buildout. The right organisation and license might help there.


  • Most of Plone uses GPL, I think in most cases explicitly GPLv2. Choosing something else requires a decision by the Plone Board. Or maybe only when the code lives in the GH plone organisation.
  • Buildout uses the Zope Public License. Most files have a copyright notice in them: "Zope Foundation and Contributors". The Zope Foundation has been taken over by the Plone Foundation, so this probably means that the Plone Foundation has copyright on Buildout as well.

GitHub organisation:

  • The buildout organisation is an obvious candidate. I have enough permissions there, so for me it would work fine.
  • The plone organisation has more people with access, so that would be a plus. But this may be less ideal if we eventually want to move this into core Buildout.
  • Perhaps collective, but that would not be my first choice.

Tentatively I would say: use the ZPL license, but put it in the plone organisation.

Do you have ideas about this?
Ideas for names are welcome too. My working name is buildout.constraints.
Also, there is no code yet. If someone wants to help, or if there is already such an extension that I don't know about, that would be welcome too. I think we need something like this for Plone 6.

cc @polyester as he may know about this stuff. :slight_smile:

I would go for BSD, like i.e. mr.developer already uses.

I want to make (or want others to make)


whilst i can't give any valuable input on the topic (sorry @mauritsvanrees) i felt the strong need to post this :wink:

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