New addon: collective.relationhelpers to manage, create, export and rebuild relations

Yesterday I released collective.relationhelpers:

It has useful methods to deal with relations and a form that rebuilds all valid relations. That's especially usefull if the relation-catalog has references to broken objects (e.g. after you migrated from AT to DX).

@ericof suggested we should add link_objects and get_relations to plone.api.



re plone.api, I've specced something a while back:

I would not want to support Archetypes any more. Would that be acceptable for plone.api?

I wrote collective.showreferences a while back to show incoming and outgoing references for DX and AT:

Personally, I would not be sad to not have AT support.

Please note that I've added the issue in 2015 and I haven't seen (any?) questions and/or requests for an implementation of it - besides a "it would be nice".

If someone is interested in developing, please reopen the linked issue.


What about having a plone.api v2 which is AT free for Plone 6 and above?

A big plus if plone.api v2 should support 5.2 without AT (i.e. travis build should pass) but the default version shipped with Plone 5.2 should still be plone.api 1.x.

That would cover all the current versions that work with Python 3.
If somebody wants to use plone.api 2.x with Plone 5.2 he just has to add a pin to the buildout.

If there are still AT users out there they can stay with plone.api 1.x or do the extra effort to backport the changes to work with AT.

I would not even put in the game Plone versions < 5.2.

Another option is to go the hard way and also remove completely the support for Python2 for plone.api v2.
But that might be too early, see

Open for discussion :slight_smile:


I missed that proposal then and I would have loved to have it :slight_smile:


love the idea and also the plans for adding relations to plone.api :black_heart:

I wrote a PLIP about that:

I also refactored the api of to make it even easier to work with it:

  • return objects by default, optionally return a dict by relationname
  • check view-permissions by default
  • add convenience-methods relations, backrelations, unrestricted_relations and unrestricted_backrelations
  • add convenience-method relation for relationChoice fields that only returns one object, not a list
  • allow to query for multiple relations (especially usefull in combination with as_dict)