Need quick response: Beginners question on Archetypes, please help

im new to Plone and had a school project in which i accepted to use Plone, which for me is a CMS i didnt know anything about at the beginning. In my project i had to make a Plone 5 website using Dexterity, but i also have to use archetypes from a legacy-system of a company which uses Plone 4 and Archetypes. Now i have to explain what Archetypes are and whats the difference between Archetypes and Dexterity. My teacher also wants me to give a code-example of an Archetype. What i know so far about archetypes, is that they are written in python and cant be created through the web like Dexterity-types. For the conversion i use "interactive.migrator" which automatically converts archetypes to dexterity and LinguaPlone to P.A.M, and so i find it hard to find any useful information on Archetypes, because i have no experience at all. I also barely have any experience with python. So far i only have a lot of experience with Java SE and Java EE, databases, networking, etc.

Could someone explain to me how archetypes are structured, created, used, where they are located and how plone works with them in the background, in a simple way? A simple code example would be great. A link to a clear documentation for archetypes would work too i guess.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


this should give you a good overview and starting point:

i already saw this and read through most of it, but i dont understand it, i assume its because schemas are some kind of secret technology that is not documented. How is an Archetype XML created?

That is correct.

You may also find this document helpful