Need help to install Zope2.12 on Debian 10

I currently have a website under Zope2.12, on a Debian 9 server. I have to migrate the server to a Debian 10 server.
I am trying to install Zope2.12 (or zope 2.13) on the Debian 10 machine, with the ZmySQLDA connector and the ZSQLMethods.
BUT, if I manage to install Zope 2.13, via Installing Zope with virtualenv — Zope 2 documentation 2.13 documentation, when I try to install the two complementary products (ZmySQLDA and ZSQLMethods), this breaks my Zope installation.
Can you help me.

thank you in advance

Breaks in what way?

My assumption is that you try to install wrong versions of your add-on products. Check which versions work with Zope 2.13 and install those.

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I checked all version of products and finnally it's works.

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