Need help in customizing Home page

  1. I need Text to be displayed on the extreme right of AP logo

  2. On the Extreme Right corner. I need three Images below that I need to display their name below of their images

  3. I need to show a Menu bar to show a list of department features I need to add sub-pages to each one of the menu bar

  4. I need to show 5 images on the first page itself. So How can I add 5 images?

  5. On the footer, I need to show case other departmental links and also show other departments logos

Kindly help me out how to customise the enclosed wireframe in Plone.

Self-learning? Your start point is

If you have the static HTML and CSS/JS files ready, then study using Diazo ( to do the rest of the work. Search for "free open HTML templates" that might be good enough as your theme base. Check out that might be an example showing how Diazo works. Or see a live Diazo website. You can hire an experienced developer to guide you through the Diazo theming work.

Another way is to work with Skins (called old-style Theming since Plone 3). You can see one example at