Need help about reorder on folder_contents sub folders

Hi there,

when I enter on a folder like the first image, I've on the left a "button" to re-order an item, but if a enter on a subfolder I don't have this button like the 2nd image:

You didn't provide the Plone version or other info, so I'm guessing: maybe the second folder is not a "normal" folder but an old style BTreeFolder (that can't be ordered)?

I don't know, how can I provide you this information?

I checked at the portal type and they are both ATfolder..

sounds strange: are you sure it is not something else (like a collection ?)

... edit it, and it will show at the top.

If it is not this, it is possible (but highly unlikely) that some CSS hides the 'button', or that some javascript does not work)

for the CSS, try disabling all CSS and see if that shows any differences between the two.

Your can also check the content type in your (custom) 'gama_view' ( context/Type, I think)

OOTB news and events folders in Plone 4 were not orderable--required collection for sorting. It was a performance setting I believe.

dont think it is a news folder:

I saw that under other folder "Subgama" there is "equipamentos" also and it is ordenable... some folder are ordenable, others are not... don't know why

there is also classes like "dragable"..

no one can help? :frowning:

Your folder is not a regular Plone folder, it is a custom content-type (named "subgama").
If it inherits from the Collection (Topic) content-type, that's normal re-ordering is not allowed (because this content-type uses a criteria for sorting, like the creation date for instance, so it makes sense it cannot be re-ordered manually).
If it inherits from the "Folder" content-type, it should allow re-ordering, but maybe something it your custom code disables it.

Anyhow, it has to do with your custom code, so check it, and you should find the problem.

Hi Eric,

I'm the new dev with this website and we are still with this issue on this website.

Could you help me to solve the issue?

You say it's the custom code... Meanwhile I've already tried to check where this custom code is but without success... We have discovered an issue parttern. We discover that when the table has the "created by" with lucidio or jcarapinha the cell for order the row appear... When the created by label has jresende, for example, it doesn't have... It seems a permission issue but I have change the owner for lucidio or jcarapinha and the issue is there.

Hope you can help me.

Kind Regards,
Manuel Rocha

How are you changing the owner?

Hi Kim,

Just go to edit the gama folder like this.

I enter with the atct_edit at the url, go to "Visualizar > Autoria (View > Authors)" and a "Criadores (Authors)" I write the new author... Is there any other option?

We have found that when user is "lucidio " (as you can check on image below)(or user "jcarapinha") the table has drag and drop for reorder row.

When it has "jresende" or "aribeiro" there is no drag and drop at table (check image below).

Can you help?

Kind Regards,
Manuel Rocha

I think you're just changing the Dublin Core metadata for the content item. That is not the owner that Plone looks for when it's determining who has Owner role. You might be able to change the owner via the ZMI, e.g. append /manage_owner to the URL, or you could try this


When I append /manage_owner i get this:

Can't see any place to change the owner... Is there any way of doing it without using the package you suggest?