Need contractor

We have a task we need done that is only for Zope , Hence not posted in Jobs, but here
(admin: jobs section is also for Zope, description of the section is fixed and post moved there)

Its in 3 parts:

  1. Describe EXACTLY the installation of Zope 4 or Zope 5 on any version of Ubuntu LTS from 20.04 and up. The installation must include installation of SQLAlchemy, and psycopg2/cx_oracle for use both with PostgresSQL (any supported version) and Oracle 11.2. Description step by step is what is needed.

  2. Explain how we can use allow_module and allow_class in some module (perhaps in an init under products) to allow for the execution of another product or module in restrictedpython. For matter of argument: beeing able to create and search an ElementTree from a text in restrictedpython.

  3. Describe what and how to install something that can generate text files as a string-like object in restrictedpython then use an external method to save them. In effect support some version of StringIO. Alternatively use the solution for (2) to allow for say io.StringIO .

We are aware of the security issues. This is however for a large internal site we have been using since python 2.4/Zope 2.1.14 since 2004, and its not published on the web. We MUST however upgrade.

Absolute requirements: Python2 / Python3 above 2.7.0 / 3.6.0

All of these i could probably solve myself. But time is a concern to me and i cannot spend a lot of time now to figure out all the factors. Its at least a few days work.

What this is worth, is a matter of discussion. Around 2000 Euros seems about fair.
Contact me if this is of interest.

Rune Fredriksen

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