Need Comments on How to upload the Plone site to my domain via ftp

Im new to Plone. i have been searching the topics on web to upload my website just created in Plone 4.3.

i am using plone in windows 7. i have got a domain name for my website but i am unable to understand how to upload my files residing in plone cms to my domain /cpanel. so it can viewed on internet.

Please let me know on urgent basis.

There is a good chance the people you got your domain from doesn't support plone. There are a lot of options. Start by reading

This is a little out of date but probably the best for your understand where to next

This is very technical and deals with how to from when you have your own server.

Hi Shahbaz,
welcome to Plone. Well done for getting your website created.

This link should also be a good help

Unfortunately, CPanel won't help you with Plone - CPanel has a lot of features to do certain things very quickly, but it also removes your ability to do "whatever you want" - and it is that ability that is required to install Plone. You will also need a good chunk of dedicated RAM - as Digital Ocean (which Steve mention's in his blog) gives you 512Mb IIRC, which is good enough for a small site.

You may be able to get things working on Linux hosting by religiously following the instructions for either the Unified Installer or Ansible.

But I should give you fair warning that if you are only used to deploying websites with point & click through CPanel or similar, then you have a lot of "getting up to speed" to do for working with these technologies (Linux command line & scripting, ansible, firewalls, nginx, etc) . And that will probably start to tell quickly as soon as you want to deviate from the norm.

Hope that helps

Ps it is possible to get Plone running on Windows hosting - it's just that because it's easier to do it on Linux, most Plone providers go for that & so there's not a lot of folk who have are well placed to help you with Windows hosting questions.

thank you so much for your excellent ideas. djowett i really want to learn things the way you know . need some good tips from people like you. i have worked in php. Also working in python and this is the reason i chose Plone. since, i am now able to create a website with plone after 3 consecutive weeks practice, and from my point of view creating website is easy but it really took a lot of time when it comes to the final step that is off uploading the website. what and where can i find material about uploading the website to its domain do i need to have a hosting that should have the facility of hosting plone?
thanks in advance again.

Perhaps I misunderstand, but it's unusual for someone to create a Plone site locally and then copy it in its entirety to a host or server. Usually one would create a web site on a host or server, and then create content in that web site (possibly leaving things in a private state so the public cannot see the content you are in the process of creating).

Does your local Plone site consist of just content (pages and folders) or have you created something with custom code or logic?

You definitely need to have your Plone site running on a host or server that is visible on the internet, then you need to change your domain name settings to point to that Plone site.

It's good get your perspective, persons who have been building Plone sites for years are sometimes blind to the challenges. Don't hesitate to keep asking questions as you go.

Another recommendation then:

Ps, where are you in the UK?

Hi all,

I support using Webfaction, I have for years. However @djowett, webfaction no longer supports zope/plone on their one click installers.

Also @bazo, is there a reason you are using Plone 4 vs. Plone 5.   If you want to install Plone 5 on Webfaction, this works:

info here is from:

  1. go to webfaction, create a "custom app listeing on

  2. ssh into folder in webapps/

  3. here: wget --no-check-certificate
    (if new version than 5, update as rqd)
    (Note: to paste into putty, copy the link, put cursor in putty, then right-click

  4. then: Plone-5.0-UnifiedInstaller.tgz

5a) tar -xf Plone-5.0-UnifiedInstaller.tgz

  1. then: go to folder with file: Plone-5.0-UnifiedInstaller
    and ./

this will install plone

(Notes: must use sftp. see homepage of webfaction for instructins)
a) go to buildout.cfg and update the http: .. to port
defined for the app by webfaction

b) run buildout. restart

hope this helps, ask if there are more questions. I have used webfaction for over 6 years and they are very good host.

yes sir, it contains pages and folders. the problems i am facing here, is that i have already created pages and folders in it. now i have got the server that is able to upload the site to it. (may be i am wrong somewhere). now i need to know the steps to make the required changes for the host or server.

Hi Shahbaz, if you already have Plone up & running on the server, then
copying the data across should be as easy as this:

Thanks - I guess we need to tell Webfaction their docs are out of date then.

@bazo in addition to the method suggested by @djowett you can also export and import individual pages and folders using the intermediate .zexp format (it works fine if you have exactly the same version of Plone and of any add-ons at the source and destination). See

:frowning: still no success.

i am just confused. i have got VPS configured. got the password and the ip address. got Putty.

now what to do. how to transfer the files to make the website available online. now i need the final steps.

@bazo framing the problem as "transfer the files" reflects an erroneous assumption. As if you built a static site and can ftp the html. Plone is not a static site creator. Plone is an application server. The right way to frame the problem is not to "copy pages" but to "create a new install that contains my local database changes".

Your first step for deployment, is to get a new Plone application server running in your production environment. Try to not even think about the site you built - just get Plone installed and running with a standard empty site so you can see "welcome to Plone" in production.

Only once you have a working install, you can copy the database you created locally to your production server. You do not copy individual pages. You transfer the full database of your local Plone application server to replace the database of the production server. may be helpful in this second step.

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thanks you very much gyst. i am just disturbing you guys alot. here is the point iam looking for. i just got some good ideas and came to know with the help of you guys about alot of things i never knew.

its clear now that i can not copy a single pages as its an application server.

  1. i have installed plone in my local computer.
  2. i have already created folders in it that contain all the pages.
  3. i have got VPS with the ip and password,

configured putty in my local machine. now what to do. here is the point i am confused. really confused.

You asked this question already. I answered your question with a two-step approach. Repeating your earlier question verbatim does not lead to a different answer. Please try to understand my answer. If you have difficulties understanding the concepts involved, please ask a specific followup question where you explain your assumptions, reasoning and what you do not understand. If you do understand, please follow the steps outlined. If you encounter a problem, give us very specific information about the steps you've taken and the problem you're seeing.

@bazo ... because it's Christmas I will spell it out for you:

  1. Sign in to your host using putty

  2. Install Plone on Linux using the instructions here:

  3. Copy the data from your Laptop to that site using the instructions here

We appreciate you are new to this, but we also expect a bit of effort on self-learning from you - we all had to go through this one way or another. Hope it goes well, let us know if you get stuck in the process.

Thank you very much all of you and marry christmas. i will try my level best now to fix it up. your ideas no doubt is helping me out. though i really started taking your time but its lovely to see your prompt and quick replies. let me work on it and will update you guys accordingly.

To copy the data over (once you have two running sites, ie step 3) I normally find this easier.

It has the downside you lose history of your objects. but its normally easier as its one file and less likely to have problems with file permissions or differences in blob layouts.

with all your help and time i am now able to work on plone and going well in it.

the area where i am stuck now is that, i have pointed my domain to my vps. i am installing Plone on VPS now the problem i am getting here is with ./ it just comes up with an error. all went well but libxml2 pops up with an error. why is that so?