Need a bot to crosspost Stack Overflow questions to this forum

If anyone is looking for a fun/small but useful project, we could use a bot that automatically posts links to Plone-tagged questions in Stack Overflow to this forum. For a while leading up to the Barcelona conference I just ran out of time and could not do it manually. I will try to continue doing it manually as time permits, but a bot would be nicer.

I though we already had one bot in place called @tkimnguyen :wink:

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Do we have "Start New Topic via Email" turned on? If so, I have an IFTTT applet ready to go.

Choose the ultimate conclusion of this avenue: SkyNet or Matrix :slight_smile:

We eventually disabled incoming email because it didn't seem to work consistently. We can give it a try again I guess.

Oh @tkimnguyen is not a bot!!! the shock... the horror!!! :astonished: