Need a better & faster way to paste meeting notes here

Is there a better and faster way to get team meeting notes in here? The teams I'm on use Google Docs for meeting agenda and notes. I literally have to reformat every single thing when I transfer those notes into this forum; it takes way too much time.

How is everybody else doing it? Please share a better way.

If there isn't a better way, can we get some sort of document extension or better cut & paste options added?

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I feel your pain... I've had to reformat everything too.

Maybe paste into a plain text editor first? (reminds me of Word docs and Kupu ... ugh)

Hm, check this out:

Since discourse uses markdown: I used recently this script to get markdown out of a google doc


So what I am doing for the Board minutes is to put them into Plone first. Then I copy the HTML out of the visual editor and paste the code here since it takes HTML format. I'm not super happy with the formatting, but at least it's formatted.

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The minutes you just pasted look good (only minor extra spacing issues I think) so that's a great method. I'm all for a method that doesn't require reformatting each line!!! (which is what I was doing when I shared board minutes here too)

just gave that a try with lastest team notes. cut my time in half, at least. Definitely an improvement, thank you!

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Update on my process: I use Ulysses for writing, which exports in Markdown. Copied notes from Google Doc into Ulysses. Quickly formatted it and copied & pasted in the forum. Easy peasy. What a relief! Thanks for the ideas!

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