My plan for growing the presence of Plone in Jamaica

Our past few years, David and I tried a number of ways to increase the presence of Plone in Jamaica. However, we haven't been successful in doing so, at least not until now.

Currently, I'm in the final stage of building the first official version of Jamaican Developers website using Plone as the backend. The website straight out-of-the-box comes with automated content aggregation and distribution for tech related news, events, jobs, projects, available developers and other resources. Any content that is marked with one of our promotional tags, will automatically be blasted to social media and users via newsletters. By building such as elegant feature-rich website, we are showing Jamaican talents and power of Plone.

We plan to do Plone training, videos and offer Plone micro-jobs to students and developers, as well as promote Plone projects as a part of the Google Summer of Code programme. Also, in Jamaica, there's a Calico programme initiated by the Palisadoes Foundation, which is very closely modelled the GSoC initiative. It aims to offer Jamaican student developers stipends to write software code for various open source software projects which will allow students to publicly show the quality of their work.

I am planning to approach the Palisadoes Foundation with the possibility of offering Plone open source projects to Jamaican students, especially since David and I are closely tied to various universities and the Tech industry in Jamaica. Also, the fact that we've captured the name of the niche market, Jamaican Developers, we will be able to do more Plone promotions along with other technologies.

However, I would like to know, if the Plone Foundation would be interested in sponsoring the Palisadoes Foundation if they accept Plone projects in their internship programme.



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