My Journey to Plone and the Google Summer of Code

Hi, my name is Tajalasfiyaa and I'm an electrical engineering student with a passion for programming. I've always been interested in technology and its potential to solve real-world problems, and programming has allowed me to explore this interest in a practical and creative way.

I started learning programming a few years ago, and over time, I've developed a particular interest in web development . About twp years ago, I began learning React, a powerful JavaScript library that allows developers to build dynamic and interactive user interfaces. I'm also currently learning Deno JS, a new runtime environment for JavaScript that's gaining popularity among developers.

Since then, I've been honing my React and Deno JS skills, exploring new frameworks and libraries, and building my own projects to apply what I've learned. I'm particularly interested in the intersection of programming and engineering, and how these disciplines can work together to create innovative solutions to complex problems.

As an electrical engineering student, I've learned how to approach problems systematically, how to work with complex systems, and how to think critically and creatively. I believe that these skills, combined with my passion for programming, make me a strong candidate for the Google Summer of Code program with Plone.

I'm excited for the opportunity to work with the Plone community, to learn more about the CMS and its capabilities, and to contribute to the project in a meaningful way. I believe that by working together, we can build a better future for Plone and for the open source community as a whole.

Outside of programming, I like to read, teach and playing football. I believe the Google Summer of Code would be an incredible opportunity for me to contribute to an open source project like Plone and take my coding skills to the next level. I have some ideas for potential GSoC projects, including updating volto react verion to 18.2.
and plone team please give some adive for gsoc

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There is already volto

I'm sorry I will change it

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No worries! Glad to help :grinning:

Hi Vansh, Please can I get started with contributing and making my proposal. It's my first time on GSOC and Plone. Thank you.

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Yes why not try plone and volto in your localhost the. Go through the docs try to get yourself familiar with codebase then write the proposal whatever knowledge you have gained. To be honest it's my first time too but that's what I have learnt so far correct me mentors if I'm wrong.

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Thank you Vansh. I'll get to it.

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Your Welcome Henry! Glad to help :smile: