My Dexterity type doesn't render 'content item as default view'

I have made a Dexterity type (filesystem, xml type spec) which shows me the Display option 'Select a content item as default view', does the selection process, shows me it's selected, then leaves the view unchanged.

What might I have done/not done?

Plone 4.3.


It would be useful to see your XML

Also check the browser console for errors. Are there any errors in terminal console when you run bin/instance fg?

Thanks very much for responding and sorry I missed your reply.
I had screwed up my view aliases.

With the main view_method property being <element value="view"/>, I had set aliases
<alias from="(Default)" to="(selected layout)"/> and
<alias from="view" to="@@view"/>

Replacing with
<alias from="(Default)" to="(dynamic view)"/> and
<alias from="view" to="(selected layout)"/>

did the trick. Didn't ever find any documentation to help.

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No problem. Glad you figured it out. If you can locate where in the docs it refers to those aliases maybe that's where you could add some explanation of what you've found. If you're feeling particularly helpful, you could make a documentation pull request :slight_smile:

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