Multiple proposals for GSoC

Hey everyone!
I have a doubt, in the GSoC FAQs Can I submit more than one proposal? question, it says that:

Yes, each GSoC Contributor may submit up to three proposals.

So, does it mean that we can submit multiple proposals for same organization or does the organization for each proposal have to be different or it doesn't matter at all.

It might be a :sweat_smile: silly doubt but can someone confirm this, thank you.

Obviously, it is allowed to submit more than one proposal to one organization.
If it is useful (or considered spam), is a different story.
Perhaps the best answer is here:


Thanks, it makes so much sense now.

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I think if you have enough time by your side, it's a good idea to explore at least have 2-4 ideas to work on at this stage. How many proposals you can draft, you will know by yourself by the start of April.

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