Multiple Projects Contribution

Hi @sneridagh , I am interested in contributing to 3 projects : Modernize Data Fetching API, Improve drag & drop support and Refactor class components to functional components. Is it possible to contribute in more than 1 Plone project during GSOC? Or we have to choose anyone?

In here:

You can find all the information about the current proposed ideas.

Go through


I understood that, just wanted to ask if we can draft a proposal for contributing in multiple project ideas? Like Modernizing Data Fetching API and Refactoring class components to functional components.

Yes its possible to propose multiple ideas in a particular org.

Pro-tip: focus on one proposal/topic, on your favorite topic. Better work on one solid proposal
for your favorite project rather than trying to improve your chances with multiple, poorly written proposals.
Each topic requires a solid understanding of the problem, you need to come up with an implementation strategy and some kind of blueprint, you need to demonstrate your understanding of the problem in your proposal. Professional hint: less is more. But of course, it is up to you...


@zopyx Thanks, got your point :slight_smile: