Multiple plone sites inter depedant

I have a phone site as of now , would like to create some more sites but each site content may dependant on other site.

Does plone supports multiple phone sites has connections between each ? If so how can we implement this ?

There is no reasonable way to share contents between Plone sites.

You may look into collective.lineage for using a Plone site for building microsites.


You might want to give more detail on what kind of connection. Normally this means writing the content once and having it multiple sites. c.lineage does allow that.

One other way is via RSS.

By the way, if we only need multiple sites which are not related to each other, how many sites can we creat for a single plone instance?

There is no limit for Plone instances

System resources and usage are the limiting factor.

Many thanks to Andreas Jung. I am planning to create many plone sites, each to keep records and data for a company's project. There are about 300 projects each year. So this is possible. Appreciated that.

On a second thoughts, I may use one folder for a project. May be this approach is better.

depends on what you want to achieve.

If you need different themes and settings, 'local search' etc you should look at the 'lineage add-ons', lineage.controlpanels, lineage.themeselection, lineage.regestry, etc.

Making a new plone site for every project sounds like 'a bit too much'

Many thanks to Espen. I think so, too many sites might be too hard to manage. I am a new user to plone, therefore, will look at the 'lineage add-ons' and others those which you kindly mentioned.

Keep in mind that the you can either seperate out the sites into seperate mount points or keep them in the same mount point. Each mount point has one set of ZODB caches. Single mount point means more data, more sites share the same cache. Seperate mount points means more RAM but they get a more dedicated cache per site. In addition its easier to move a site database around later.