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I'm having a tough time migrating my Volto/Plone site to a multi language one.

Up until now, I had my website only available in English, so my root page was the home page.

Then, I installed the addon, I went to the "@@language-controlpanel" and selected a few available languages. I was left with a folder for each language under the root page, as well as the pages I already had:

Now, I want to have my home page language dependent, but I can't figure out how to do it. I am unable to access the existing homepage (because it redirects to the selected language version (e.g. for English), and now the homepage only displays a page where the title is the name of the selected language, and I can't edit it.

Can someone help me? Thanks!

Uncheck the folder language checkbox in controlpanel, then move your homepage to /en, and check the folder language checkbox again.

How do I move the homepage?

Hi Marco,
first of all: in a single-language site the blocks-mage homepage is the root of the website.
When you enable multilanguage, homepages will be the LRF contents that created.

Now when you go to the homepage, you'll se the default LRF (your site default language) that's empty (aka don't have any blocks).

What you mean with "i can't edit my new homepage"? You mean that you can't see the edit button or that you can't add blocks because you don't see the blocks edit interface? If it's the second one, it's because you need to enable "Volto blocks" behavior in LRF content-types. This is made by plone.volto product by default, but probably if you installed after that, it didn't enabled the behaviors for you.

If you don't know how to do it: go to Site setup => Dexterity content types => LRF => Behaviors => select "Blocks" and then save.

If you want to see the old-homepage blocks, probably the easiest way is to access classic Plone interface, go in ZMI (if you're an admin), click on "properties" tab and you'll see the "blocks" and "blocks_layout" fields. You just need to copy their values, go in edit in the LRF (/Plone/en for example, always in classic Plone) and paste them in the same fields (under layout tab).


LRF = Language Root Folder.

That's it!

I knew it would be a newbie mistake :slight_smile:
I'm wondering why LRF types do not have the Blocks behavior enabled by default, though.

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