Multi-Step Wizard

I have a multi-step wizard created, there are about 5 pages, each of which have their own views. Walking through the wizard I call the different views and set the session data, so that's all good. But I was wondering if there's a way to make the wizard step through the views, without seemingly changing the URL to the next view.

So if I have a view called foobar and then 3 other views named wizard_step_, how can I keep the URL as foobar while keeping the current context..? Does this make sense..?

I'd also like to be able to append a parameter, such that something like /foobar?step=wizard_step_2 would force that specific view to be rendered...

Thanks for the help!

Not much...different content, different URLs...either through a dedicated view name or a dedicated URL parameter. The URLs should be unique and different in the wizard case. Otherwise implement something with AJAX if you really want the view and URL unchanged.


OK, maybe you have a point. I just wanted to see if there was a way to streamline the flow of the wizard. But I guess it doesn't make sense to suppress the URL...

In case of a browser crash in between, the user should be able to continue with its work at the last visited step of the wizard (in case you use some persistent mechanism either browser or server side). So in step X you want to be able to retrieve the state so far and re-render the form for step X based on the saved state.


Probably not really what you ask for, but maybe you could use 'anchors' and a javascript (like 'fullPage.js'. Then it should be possible to keep the url and still be able to 'go back', bookmark etc… I think..

Another option (if the main reason you do this is to not clutter the UI) could be to just hide / show content when you click on 'next step', you could maybe also load one view with for example pat-contentloader"