Multi language

How to use the multi language option in government plone?

May you be more specific about what you want to do?

I need to implement the translation for 3 languages ​​in this template

does the [TAL] template contain any i18n:translate attributes?

I don't know, actually the page html already has the code ready, this code is just a link that when clicked redirects to the translated page, the translation is not automatic.
However when uncommenting the code the links do not appear, due to the class="header-accessibility".

This is what we use.

Basically, you go to template files that BECOME the html, and add i18n:translate to tags that contain text (<p>, <span>, <a>, etc) and give them names.

<span i18n:translate="hello"> hello </span>

Then a file is created (.po) that maps a name to an in-language phrase depending on the chosen language.

tag: hello
value: salut

( That's not real .po file syntax, but that's the point)

result is html <span> salut </span>

I think, not sure, that plone will honor the language requested in the http header. We, however, hard code it in our plone sites and just re-use the templates across them.

result: (see language links at top)

example .po files are here:

I really hope this helps more than confuses you.

ok thank you very much i will try to use here

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