Mrbob: error: Configuration Error: Template directory does not exist?

I'm trying to work with Plone 5 and am trying to learn how to use bobtemplates. Unfortunately, although I am attempting to follow instructions and I'm getting a Template directory does not exist.

This is what I am trying to follow:

However, in my buildout, instead of creatiing the [mrbob] section, I just add the mr.bob and bobtemplates.plone directly to eggs:

eggs =

The Plone directory is called PloneSites.
I have a Plone Site given the name 'PloneA'.

In my src directory under a PloneA, I attempt:

../bin/mrbob -O my.product bobtemplates:plone_addon

But this is the error I am getting:

patrick@patrick-virtual-machine:~/PloneSites/PloneA/src$ sudo ../bin/mrbob -O my.product bobtemplates:plone_addon
usage: mrbob [-h] [-O TARGET_DIRECTORY] [-v] [-c CONFIG] [-V] [-l] [-w] [-n]
mrbob: error: ConfigurationError: Template directory does not exist: /home/patrick/PloneSites/buildout-cache/eggs/bobtemplates.plone-3.3.0-py2.7.egg/bobtemplates/plone_addon

But I when I open the file browser, I can go to where its attempting to access I believe?:


What am I doing wrong?

The OS I am using is Lubuntu.

The documentation you are reading on might be a bit out of date because bobtemplates.plone has had a major change this year. If you check the documentation on pypi for the version 3.3.0 you are using at there is now an extra ".plone" namespace needed. The example listed there is:

mrbob bobtemplates.plone:addon -O src/

Thank you! This works perfectly. I'll try to keep up with the documentation from now on.

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@Kirtap we just released new versions of plonecli and bobtemplates.plone yesterday.
It adds new templates for views and viewlets and improves the existing template a lot.
Also you might want to use plonecli instead of using bobtemplates.plone directly.
This gives you a nices user interface with autocompletion.

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