Moving UX hitlist to github issues


I wanted to move current issues in the hitlist to a place where they are more visible to the developer community and users. I've been waiting on some kind of official announcement of which github repo all plone tickets are supposed to go into but that doesn't seem to be coming. I was thinking of moving them to and changing the format to be more similar to the SOAPIE format I described during my talk at this years conference. Anyone got an objection? Anyone want to help?

Hi Dylan,
on that topic - did you have an open source Dexterity model for your SOAPIE format?

maybe not, but if so would be nice to know!


For my part on WPOD I'm now moving the issues from trello to github where they can see by core development and added to by the edges of the community.

I created three labels

For now I'm not including the site visitor as an important user role. I still think it's the job of the others to make the site visitor happy, not the job of the plone community. Plones job is to provide the tools to the themer so that can create a good UX for the site visitor.

If anyone has an issue about these harder to tackle problems going into the issue tracker then now is the time to raise it.

@djowett: We use trello with our SOAPIE process so haven't had a need to encode it in Plone.

I am experimenting with changing the names of the SOAPIE process due to the confusion it seems to create. Instead it's more PIO. (User) Problem instead of Subjective data,Internal instead of Objective data, and Options instead of Assessment. We never really used Plan, Implementation or Evaluation and I think it's even less useful on a issue tracker with commenting.
Any feedback on those names welcome.

Also, I'd love to keep the voting idea alive to encourage participation from the edges of the community. I put a voting badge service on some tickets to record votes but it doesn't really work how I want it to. I have some ideas of how to create a better badge voting system if anyone wants to make a small pyramid/flask app with me.

I'm fine with this. Just make sure to tag them consistently.