Move search viewlet to content div

I would like the search viewlet to be in the main content well and not in the left or right columns. How might I go about accomplishing this? Plone 4.3.10.
Thank you.

Use a plugin like portlet page or content well portlets

Alternatively you can do it without 3rd-party plugins by using a Diazo rule in your theme, something like (untested, maybe you need to add method="raw" in the before rule):

<before css:content="#portal-searchbox" css:theme-children="#content" /> <drop css:content="#portal-searchbox" />

If you dont have a diazo theme, it is also possible to move the viewles in viewlets.xml

(or more precise, you add it to another viewlet manager, and hide it for the current.)

Remember to use purge=False (and also remember to reinstall the theme or whatever product you add it in.

Just note you have also to make a ZCML override to re-register the desired viewlet into the new viewlet manager.

Actually, I dont think you need 'an override', a 'normal' ZCML will do (it will not be moved, it will be hidden in the 'original' viewlet manager, but I dont think that should be a problem .

Thanks you for the tip. I have installed content well portlets on another plone previously. I might have a look at it again.
I am not using Diazo, but customizing the Plone via the zmi. I did install Plone 5 at the start of this project but encountered too many issues with Diazo for me to consider recommending it to my client. I'll have another look at it again when it is not production critical for it to work and not crash the site.
I will have a look at viewlets.xml and see where that leads.
Thank you all.

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