Mosaic or collective.cover?

I'm in the process of setting up a new site, based on Plone 5.
The idea is to have a index site like:

The 'content' of these 'boxes' will change from time to time, but not very often.

I played with mosaic and with cover, and was able to have something like this with both add-ons.

Which one of the both is better suited for those a use case ?

Thanks !

I think both addons can be used for the case. That doesn't matter. For Plone5 i would use Mosaic.

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these add-ons are different; collective.cover is a content type to create landing/composite pages; Mosaic is (or was) a layout solution for Plone (some people will argue it can walk over the water, but that's a matter of faith).

I would say use Mosaic:

  • collective.cover is still not fully compatible with Plone 5; it kind of runs, but there are still some broken features and keeping with the updates will be painful until I learn how to deal with the static resources
  • your use case seem to be layout-oriented; collective.cover works better when you have a landing page that needs to be updated dozens of times per day

good luck!

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We use mosaic for a similar usecase on your site. With a few teething problems it seems to work well.

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Thanks all !

I'll will go with mosaic then.


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I have made medialog.iconpicker for exactly this use case.
Check it out of github/espenmn for the mosaic tile

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