Mosaic and Folder Content Views

After one adds Mosaic (as an add on), has anyone had trouble invoking "Contents" and getting the really handy list of all content in a folder? I notice that when I hit "Contents" the resulting URL has a folder_content?[a really long string]

Taking out the ? and string to the right on the URL doesn't help.

Any idea how to get the Contents feature back?

FYI, the workaround is to go to the folder, and then manually tack on "folder_contents" at the end of the URL. That seems to work reliably.

Still, there seems to be a bug.

Okay, I take that back. Not "reliably" but "more often."

I had this issue. It was hard to trace down: it was a javascript error.

For me, it was in eea.facetednavigation ( I had to remove something)

That is Plone's authenticator token for CSRF protection.

Please give more detail about your setup. Plone version, Mosaic version, what else is in your buildout?

I have eea.facetednavigation as well. I'll remove it and see if that helps.

Plone 5.0.6, Mosaic 1.0

Here are the eggs from the buildout.cfg file:

eggs =

Here are the versions:

Products.PloneHotfix20160830 = 1.3
Pillow = 3.3.1

installer dependencies

buildout.sanitycheck = 1.0.2
collective.recipe.backup = 3.0.0
plone.recipe.unifiedinstaller = 4.3.2

develop.cfg dependencies

args = 0.1.0
bobtemplates.plone = 1.0.4
clint = 0.5.1
collective.checkdocs = 0.2
colorama = 0.3.7
MarkupSafe = 0.23
mr.bob = 0.1.2
pkginfo = 1.3.2
Products.DocFinderTab = 1.0.5
requests-toolbelt = 0.7.0
twine = 1.8.1
zest.pocompile = 1.4
zest.releaser = 6.6.5

Mosaic dependencies

plone.tiles = 1.5.2 = 2.2.1 = 3.1.0 = 1.0 = 1.0 = 1.0

Taking out eea.facetednavigation only make things worse. ALL of the tabs for working with content ("Contents", "Edit", etc.) were gone. In its place was a message stating: "error while rendering plone.contentviews

Do you happen to remember what you removed from eea.facetednavigation?

I hope you're not doing this on a production system!

Maybe try Mosaic 2.0.0rc4... it's been pretty stable.

When you remove eea.facetednavigation are you deactivating it in the add-ons panel before removing it from your buildout? It may need to do some uninstall cleanup.

Check your browser's inspector / console for JS or other errors.

This post doesn't belong in Core Development, by the way...

Try this:

No, I am not so crazy as to do this on a production system. However, I really need to get a production system going soon, so I need to get this resolved.

Yes, I closed it first, but evidently my cleanup wasn't enough. I will check the console for JS errors, thanks. I didn't intend for this thread to be in core development. Just user interface. Is there a way to get it out?

Espen: That worked. Thanks.

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Unfortunately not if you want it to be about UI, which is only a subcategory of Core Development.

It could be time to rejig the categories and subcategories a bit...

Here really your issue was a bug in the commingling of two add-ons, so I recategorized it under Using Plone.