More code snippets for the Plone documentation

Stumbled upon this repo when I was looking for a way to import base64 encoded images (stored as strings in json files) into Plone.

I think one of the greatest things that could be done with this repo is to either...

integrate as much of it as possible into the Plone documentation by adding the snippets as inline documentation where relevant.


add some additional explanatory notes to the snippets and create a snippets/recipes section of the documentation.

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@pigeonflight would be a good idea to create a ticket for that and if you volunteer on it that would be even better! :wink:

Looks like about 32 man hours of work might be good for a Plone sprint.

Ticket created:

Or one per day and we are done within a month (if a single person does it), with four persons we are down to 1 week only :slight_smile: