Modifying the href for Title column in folder_listing

Greetings #plone,

I'm trying to get the link in the 'Title' column of folder_contents to go directly to the 'view' page for some particular content type, even though the items themselves are 'containerish'.

I set default view and initial view to 'view' in the type's FTI, this doesn't seem to be picked up here.

I found a DIY example in, and subclassing to modify self.items on the fly also seems to be an option, but I would hate to do it and then find that there's a simple way that I missed, and wrote a bunch of inferior code to compensate.

For any help at all, pointers to documentation or obvious things I missed, thanks in advance!

You had mentioned a bit more detail in Gitter... maybe add that here to jog others' memory?

Well, the reason is that during asking a question on the forum, one tends to do a little more research...

I've noticed previously (using Plone 5.06 at the time, though I doubt this matters) a little clickable icon to the right of the title, which will send the browser to the view page for the object. Firstly, this is inconsistent (not appearing currently with latest Plone5, and secondly, it's a tiny fiddly little

Yes I for one understand better: when in Folder Content clicking a folder should not displays the document/folders contained, still in Folder view, but a specific view that would not display the contained items.
What I don't quite see is why you are talking specifically of Folder Content, in standard view if one clicks on a folder it works in a similar way, because a folder view is folderish by nature, so changing only the Folder Content view would be inconsistent.
Are you trying to hide the content of some folders ?