Modify Toolbar without component shadowing in Volto

Good morning Plone community,

I want to be able to customize the regular Volto toolbar without having to resort to component shadowing as demonstrated in the training. Is there another way to do this? I am thinking i would need to modify my index.js file in the root of my Volto addon, however, how would I go about doing this? Anyone have any helpful tips on this?

I thank you kindly.



You can make the changes in the omelette folder

You could use a Portal, similar to what volto-workflow-progress does. volto-workflow-progress/ProgressWorkflow.jsx at master · eea/volto-workflow-progress · GitHub

@Tishasoumya-02 this is highly discouraged, the 'omelette' folder is a softlink to the node_modules/@plone/volto directory meant just for having a quick access to the source code to be able to get it and customize it using Component Shadowing

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@rbrown12 I recommend you go through the trainings and available docs.

Okay @sneridagh.. .thank you for pointing out this .