Model-driven Content type settings on Schema-driven Content type

Hi everyone,

I have gradually been getting into Plone, exploring the documentation and following along the different training segments trying to wrap my head around how everything works. When following along the Mastering plone training I came accross the two seperate ways of creating Dexterity content types through code (Model-driven and Schema-driven) and noticed a difference between the two which I haven't found (been searching through the Dexterity Developmer Manual ) why it occurs. It is the ability to access the "Settings" of a field whilst viewing the content types on the Plone site. My thinking is that this could be useful when creating "Choice" fields, making it possible for the user to change these TTW - for example.

I created two test types containing one field to showcase what I mean, one model-driven and one schema-driven. After installing the addon containing these types the field in the model-driven type looks as follows:

The settings are avalible on the field.

When looking at the schema-driven type it looks as follows:

On this content type, settings are suddenly not avalible.

My thinking is that there is a reason I have not yet come accross for this or it is some configuration needed (perhaps in the schema file) to enable the settings on fields associated with Schema-driven files - but I haven't found any documentation describing this.

Is it possible to create schema-driven types and include settings for fields?

Kind regards!