Mockup upload pattern

I'm using mockup upload pattern for plone.importexport (an add-on for Plone 5)

And I have following queries-

  • Any method to get total number of files uploaded by the user and get them all in a single request
  • I find many attributes like paramName to be not configured. A working example with configured attributes is anticipated.
  • Does it support TUS protocol? If yes, how to enable it?
  • While using the form below with pat-upload.
    <form action="imports" method="POST"> <div class="pat-upload" data-pat-upload='{ "showTitle": false }'> </div> </form>
    It throws me this error

I have already looked through repo but didn't get a solution for any of them.

Do you mean a single backend plone request? I'm not sure thats possible. Maybe if the widget is modified to give a special request at the end of the end of the download once all the files have been uploaded? Currently it uploads each one as a seperate request.

Or do you mean a JS event to notify the on the client side that all the files have been uploaded? Looks like it's partially supported but not fully.

No that's not required in my case.

Okay, but I need to have a count of a total number of files being uploaded Or on the last request, there should be a method to check the same. And currently, I don't see any of those checks but as you see, the product could only start functioning once it gets to know that all files are uploaded.

I think you will have to add more features to the upload pattern. That sounds generally useful.

What other features? and how do I add them?