Mockup upload pattern progress bar (show % or not?)

Wanting some opinions on Mockup's upload pattern and its use of progress bar:

I am fixing some LESS/CSS omissions in the widgets bundle, namely that the upload pattern used in TinyMCE (via Mockup 2 master/HEAD in 1.x on Plone 4) does not show the progress bar as intended, because the progress bar LESS is not imported. I am fixing this now in a fork of mockup master. My subsequent problem after fixing:

Bootstrap's progress bar implementation allows you to place an element inside the markup for the bar to hide the percentage text and merely show graphic representation of progress.

Choices we could make:

(1) Hide dummy text by adding: .sr-only {display:none;}

(2) Remove from the upload.xml template in the pattern and just show the percentage text on the bar.

While I am doing this for Plone 4, whatever I would do here should be applicable to Plone 4 and Plone 5.

Soliciting your views on the UX implications of showing vs. hiding the percentage text? The progress bar is a bit of a fib in some cases in that it does not and cannot take into consideration time to commit a transaction after the upload is sent to the server, so it can appear to get to 100% quickly then wait a bit. I am not sure this nit is relevant to whether or not to show progress percentage text in the upload pattern.

@vangheem @thet -- any thoughts on this?


Also, what are accessibility implications of this. I don't see the point in having a screen-reader accessible label that is not updated, only containing boilerplate text?

lots of UIs get to 100% and pause. It's not the worse thing in the world and in a slow connection with lots of files it shows you something. The other alternative is make the upload 90% and save 10% for the transaction