Mobile speed improvements

A new Plone site gives me a 'google-speed' of 95 ( ), but only 53 for mobile.

Is it possible to drop some resources for mobile (maybe a diazo rule ?)
Or maybe move some 'loading' to the footer ?

@espenmn have you seen ?

Thanks… Had not seen it.

Is there a 'quick' way of getting it 'OK' (The site I tested on is quite simple and small and do not have much traffic (and no-one will pay me for the work)

The experimental profile is the first step.
After that reduce bundles sizes, split them up...

Let us know what you found out :wink:

From what I read, I assume I need to use (upgrade to ) Plone 5.2 ?

Yes, 5.2rc4 and above.

@espenmn you can split up the bundles yourself too but I'd recommend upgrading

Maybe off topic, but I added a new site with a bit of styles and images:

In the DNS settings, I setup: mydomain to be redirected to www.mydomain
In apache rewrite rules, I set http://www.mydomain to be permanently redirected to https://mydomain.

So, If I check with 'Google Page Speed', I get mobile score:

http://mydomain --> 29
http://www.mydomain --> 34
https://www.mydomain --> 40 

(for 'computer' the numbers are: 78, 82, 85) gives ( 37/ 85, 49/88, 55/ 93 )