Mixed URL problems

Hi, there,

I have in my university several domains that points to plone.

Eg. www.domain1.com/prod ----> plone.machine.com/prod
www.domain2.com/acad -----> plone.machine.com/acad

i noticed that www.domain2.com/prod is pointing to plone.machi.com/prod…and www.domain1.com/acad to plone.machine.com/acad too...a mix is happening. This was not supposed to happen, since they are separated domains.

I’ve already looked for the problem in the reverse proxy and in the varnish cache and did not find :frowning:

My structure is that:

[ngninx reverse proxy] <—> [varnish cache server] <—> [HAProxy Load Balancer] <—> [Plone]

I appreciate any help!

  • Fred

This is a known thing in Plone world caused by the Acquisition when the two plone sites are in the same installation.

Check this post for more info and possible solutions: Plone root traversal other site root

Hi Fred,

What do you see when you go to www.domain1.com/manage?

I see de manage page of domain1. If i put www.domain2.com/manage, i see manage page of domain2...

thanks a lot