Missing items under 'Add new'

After reinstalling collective.portletpage in Plone's add-ons (in /prefs_install_products_form) I am now unable to see this item listed under the 'Add new' menu. I've tried commenting out and then reinstalling using ./bin/buildout -N, but still I cannot see portletpage listed under 'Add new'. I also seem to be encountering similar behaviour with the lineage add-on on another site (same specs as this one) where I cannot see the subsitefolder or subsitepage items under 'Add new' (pls see https://github.com/collective/collective.lineage/issues/48).

I've tried changing themes (from SunRain to Barcelonata), and turning off caching, without any success.

Plone 5.0.6
collective.portletpage 1.3.0
Lineage 2.1

Portletpage is Archetype based, so you will have to install Products.ATContentTypes

You should install the Plone 5 versions from the control panel (not from where you did).

or..... Plone 5 is dexterity based, so maybe it is enough to install Products.ATContent Types without content (I think that is a profile) and enable (manually) in /portal_types/folder that it can be added to that content type.