Missing feature: override static resources

There seems to be no way to override a individual plone:static resource from the ++plone++ and ++theme++ namespaces in a custom package (e.g. with z3c.jbot).

This is related to to following posts each with different use-cases:

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I hate that I currently have to copy all of barceloneta to my own package to simply customize the favion for a simple site that otherwise requires no custom theme.

I can use overrides.zcml to but naturally that replaces the whole ResoureDirectory. Instead as we usually do it in Plone I want to only override the things I actually want to change. I can also override individual ++plone++ resources in @@resourceregistry-controlpanel but a) not ++theme++ resources and b) I certainly want my customizations in the filesystem.

So: Does anyone have an idea what would be required to be able to override such resources via z3c.jbot or some other method. I'm willing to invest time in that at a sprint (e.g. the upcoming Alpine City Sprint) but I would need some guidance to the approach and probably some help.

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Fixed in https://github.com/zopefoundation/z3c.jbot/pull/12 by @malthe