Migrate to Plone 5 missing components

I'm trying to upgrade to Plone 5.0.5 an existing Plone 4.3.10 website and after running successfully buildout with the new versions.cfg I have bin/instance fg saying that all is ok.

Then I have two AttributeError: type object X has no attribute '__iro__' with both IActionIconsTool and ITinyMCE. Adding Products.CMFActionIcons and Products.TinyMCE then makes it fail with a ZCML conflict due to having plone.app.controlpanel...

I'm sort of surprised to have this issue and I'm not seeing many problems on migrations related to that... should I remove those IActionIconsTool and ITinyMCE before migrating? Should p.a.upgrade handle that?

It was too suspicious to be something as broken as it showed, and usually in this cases the solution is easier than expected :smile:

So, for me the problem is that at some point between Products.CMFPlone 4.x and 5.x the dependency on plone.app.upgrade was removed and as I'm not depending on Plone distribution, but rather on CMFPlone directly I was missing plone.app.upgrade.

So for anyone having similar problems, double check that your bin/instance has plone.app.upgrade listed there!