Migrate_richtext doesn't work on News Item content type

Hello community,

I am currently working on migrating content from Plone 5.1.6 to Plone 6.0.5. I am using collective.exportimport to export and import the content and "Blocks-conversion-tool" for migrating to blocks.

So far, I was able to migrate the content successfully for "Document" and "Event" content types. But when I try the same process with "News Item" content type, the "migrate_richtext" doesn't send any data to "Blocks-conversion-tool".

I am not sure if this is an issue of "collective.exportimport", "Blocks-conversion-tool" or it is a problem that is caused by my exported website content.

Is there anyone else who had this issue in the past or has any tips for debugging this issue?

I've successfully migrated news items. Maybe your problem is that the behavior plone.richtext is not active on News Items when you do the migration. See the code-example in GitHub - collective/collective.exportimport: Export and import content and other data from and to Plone

        # 2. Enable richtext behavior (otherwise no text will be imported)
        for type_ in ["Document", "News Item", "Event"]:
            add_behavior(type_, "plone.richtext")
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Thank you so much for your answer @pbauer,

The problem was indeed the 'Richtext" behavior. I activated 'plone.richtext' behavior from the UI and then re-imported the news items. Now, I am able to migrate them to the blocks.