Migrate Raptus.article to Dexterity

Hi all,
I've an old plone 4.2 with more of 1500 contents "raptus article" type, in 4 languages (thanks to LinguaPlone).
It's time to think to migrate to Plone 5.

Raptus.article is no more developed. In this site it's used at his "base": a folderish type with a text and some images rendered in a "carousel" mode. So I think I substitute these raputs articles with a standard dexterity Page with a folderish behaviour (using a tile to show images as carousel).
Any tips or advices to accomplish this migration?


That sounds like a rather simple use-case for the custom migration as documented in https://github.com/plone/plone.app.contenttypes#migrating-custom-types-in-your-own-code

Here are more examples for that: https://github.com/collective/collective.migrationhelpers/blob/master/src/collective/migrationhelpers/custom_dx_migration.py

We replaced such "richdocument" types with folderish content-types that on hand could be extended with behaviors providing extra functionality and configuration options and in some cases with predefined places for images, slider images etc (subfolder with fixed names by convention) in order to store assets related to such a composed document directly within the folder of our own "richdocument".

thanks all!