Migrate from standalone to ZEO

Hi, all!

I have standalone Plone 4.3.4 instance with separate Data.fs (one per website). I need migrate this instance to ZEO.

After install new Plone instance, copy blobs with Data.fs's and some changes in my buildout.cfg for separate Data.fs I got "read-only" instance. I can not create any "Image" or similar contet-type.

I get error "Unsupported: Blobs are not supported by the underlying storage <ZEO.ClientStorage.ClientStorage object at 0xb3035b0c>."

Google did not help me with this question.

Some lines from my config files about ZODB mount point: http://pastie.org/10476457

Anyone have suggestion?

P.S: Sorry for my English. It's not my native language.


You may want to look into using this recipe: https://pypi.python.org/pypi/collective.recipe.filestorage
secondly... here are notes I made recently regarding moving from a stand-alone zinstance based setup to a zeo based setup.


Hi and good day
Have a Standalone Plone 5 installed and 3gb of data.fs.
I install in this server ./install.sh zeo, and create zecluster dir, and try copy blobstorage and filestorage, but client1...n instance down after 1 minute. log client1...n only say INFO no WARNINGS

any help appreciate.


Start you instance in foreground (./bin/instance fg or something similar), it should give you more info.

In future, please start a new thread for this (unless you're trying to migrate from standalone to ZEO...)

See https://docs.plone.org/manage/troubleshooting/basic.html for ways to narrow down a problem.

HI and good day tkimnguyen

I agree your coments, but i try this, migrate from standalone to ZEO.


Hi and good day

I like share the SOLUTION with us, migration/convert Plone standalone to ZEO.

Easy migration from Plone Standalone to ZEO.

*First install zeo in machine ./install zeo
*Second run zeo:
./bin/zeoserver start
./bin/clientX start

*Check web: h ttp://xxZEO SERVER IPxx:8080 and create first plone site

*Stop all clients and zeoserver
*Copy datas from stand alone to ZEO
cp -Rpa /zeocluster/var/filestorage
cp -Rpa /zeocluster/blobstorage

*Rerun and start zeoserver and clients.
Check and VOILA!


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5 years later... this gist https://gist.github.com/pigeonflight/5ea6ecf1e843f152a63c
just saved me at least an hour. I was able to move from standalone to zeo in less than 10 minutes. :tada: