Memberdata_properties.xml AND OR memberdata.xml

When exporting from portal_setup, I noticed that there is both a 'memberdata.xml' and a 'memberdata_properties.xml'. They look idential. Is there a reason ?

No idea, but last time you asked we also didn't know :smiley: :smiley: :sweat_smile:

Spooky, but at least it saves a lot on movie rental, can probably just watch the same movies again and again for the rest of my life …

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Feel free to let us know when you figure it out :wink:

… if I remember :slight_smile:

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The generic setup tool portal_setup has (among others) two export steps (MemberData properties and Member Data Tool) which produce the two xml files you are interested in.

Both export steps do basically the same but in slightly different ways: They export portal_memberdata.

The basic difference is the way they obtain portal_memberdata:

  • MemberData properties uses getToolByName("portal_memberdata")
  • Member Data Tool uses queryUtility(IMemberDataTool)

Both produce the same result (but in different files): memberdata_properties.xml and memberdata.xml

If interested in the details follow the following links: