Maxi menu for plone 5

Hey, i was wondering how can I make a maxi menu (dropdonw) in plone like this one or similar.

Thank you

If you are looking for an "add-on" to use "as is" the answer (imho) is: no.

But, with a mid experience in plone dev or in js (thanks to the plone rest api) you could obtain the goal.


So, what is the best way to start using the REST Api.

Thank you

We have developed a custom solution to generate a dropdown menu in Plone 5, and we're using it in production sites. I'm not sure it is exactly what you need in order to achieve a menu as complex as the one you posted, but actually several advanced things can be done with it.

Of course it is developed following the needs we had, but let me explain briefly what is customizable and what is not. Quick features overview:

  • Manually defining entries for the navigation menu
  • Setting conditions on single entries, in the same way you can define them for portal actions
  • Generating a submenu automatically by reading the contents of a given folder
  • Generating a submenu manually from static pages
  • Both submenu types (dynamic and static) can exist for a single entry (i.e. half submenu is automatic and half is static)
  • No opinionated styles for the menu. Give it your own style in your site theme. This was a need for us, since we used this in many very different sites.
  • Handles multiple configurations, bound to different paths. Useful for handling subsites, for example.

EDIT: A couple example menus created with this addon

Also, on a side note, we are trying to maintain a curated list of awesome plone addons, feel free to open PRs and contribute with your thoughts :slight_smile:


There is/was also another discussion thread about this topic

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Maybe you could first take a look to the add-on by pnicolli.


@pnicolli nice addon!

Im getting an error after i isntalled tour module, im using plone 5.0.8

@hekireky Woah, sorry about that. There was a leftover deprecated call to plone.directives.form, which has been working in our default setup so far just because of other dependencies we usually have. Thanks for pointing it out.

I just released version 1.0.1, if you want to try that again.

Does it need to be enabled in any way (except from being installed).

I installed it, but can not see it in a new 5.1 site (not in barceloneta, and not in unstyled /@@manage-viewlets

Update: overriding the viewlet in /portal_view_customization 'works' (but it does not show in any management screen (control panels etc)

@espenmn you need to configure it, and you should see an "Editable menu configuration" voice in control panel.
It's strange because we use it on 5.1 sites.

If it's a bug, please open an issue on github

… It looks like something 'strange is going on', maybe it could be something with localhost and paths (looks like it does not show on the front page (root), too.

Not sure if I have the time to investigate this before next week

I this how it is supposed to work ?

I don't know if it is how is supposed to work but it works like that for me. Anyone can explain to me how to transform that into a more 'beautiful' style?

That is done with CSS.

(but I can not figure out what the '+' and '/path' is supposed to do

By the way: I really like the .
Is the 'menu' (the one on the left) part of this product ?
Also: How did you make the images in the drop-down ?

We certainly needs to improve its documentation.

For styles: in the readme we say that this product is shipped without any stile because every site where we used it, needed a different layout. But we can deliver it with a base barceloneta-ish style that integrators can disable.

@espenmn there are two main usages:

  • a single menu for the entire site. you configure the first tab as you did, and every menu voice can be configured with some options
  • custom menus for different site sections: if you use more than one tab, every tab is related to a path, and the configuration for that path is only visible when you navigate in that path. It's more or less an override of the global site's menu

Regarding images: i don't know how they populated that menu, but i think that they referenced (in Additional columns field) a folder with some Documents. The menu renders the text of contents in that folder.

Just make it new. Create a viewlet, register it to a container and then use the Plone API to fetch all the root folders and contents. You can pretty easily create this...

Sorry, did not get what you mean by that

@espenmn As in, instead of using an add-on, create the menu from scratch using a viewlet...

It would be nice if this was avalable as an add on… in fact I think menus is a 'weak spot for Plone', it would be nice if it was possible to choose between a few different menus.

For example: